Who would win a general election were one to be held now?

The bookmakers have the Conservative Party way out in front with regard to winning most seats at a general election were it to be held right now

The Conservative Party are very much in the lead in most opinion polls and they are firm favourites to win most seats in the event of a general election being held now, according to the most up-to-date information released from the leading bookies.

As things stand, the Tory Party have a 1/2 predicted chance of winning most seats if the country goes to the polls, up from 1/3 over the course of the past week. This still leaves them well ahead of the Labour Party in the election betting market with Jeremy Corbyn and co. way out at 5/2 with Ladbrokes Bookmakers.
The main opposition party were 4/1 just a few days ago, therefore there has been a noticeable shift of support towards them although they still trail the Tories substantially.

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The Conservative Party haven’t had an easy ride however with the current government trailing Labour in the betting market as recently as early May.

The big movers in the betting are the Liberal Democrats with their odds on winning most seats being slashed from 250/1 earlier this year to just 16/1 at present. The Brexit Party have also seen their odds shorten from 20/1 to 16/1 in recent weeks and the indications are that they would make some sort of impact were the country to go to the polls right now.


General Election Most Seats – Ladbrokes Odds

1/2 – Conservative Party
5/2 – Labour Party
16/1 – Liberal Democrats
16/1 – Brexit Party
250/1 – Green Party
500/1 – UKIP