Safer Gambling Week launches 19th November

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Safer Gambling Week 2020 gets underway on 19th November and continues until the 25th, this event aimed at raising awareness regarding responsible gambling. Indeed, this Safer Gambling Week is taking place in a second national lockdown with most of the UK population able to visit betting shops, casinos or bingo halls until 2nd December. Many are now turning their attention to online gambling on the internet and this in itself is helping raise awareness why responsible gambling continues to be even more relevant.
This initiative has been supported by some of the leading bodies in the gambling industry, the Bingo Association (BA), British Amusement Catering Trade Association (BACTA) and Betting & Gaming Council (BGC) being very much at the forefront. The Association of Irish Bookmakers recently joined this campaign alongside 210 other organisations.

All through the week-long event, the main UK bingo sites and other major gambling brands will push the conversation towards safer gambling.

Some key messages which will be promoted will include:

Just a heads up: It is good to set yourself limits
Just a heads up: It’s easy to lose track of time when gambling
Play Smart: know when it is time to stop
Remember: gambling isn’t the way to make money
Remember: friends and family are more important than gambling
Ask yourself: have you gone past your spending limit?

Many key figures in the betting industry and other interested parties made comments regarding the initiative, amongst these being Minister for Sport, Tourism and Heritage, Nigel Huddleston, who said: “Gambling operators have a responsibility to keep customers safe from harm. I’m pleased that the industry is coming together to recognise the importance of clear and consistent safer gambling messaging and to help those who need it find support.”

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