Ryder Cup Odds 2021

Ryder Cup Odds

The USA may well have the more talented roster, at least on paper, but the Europeans have won nine of the last twelve Ryder Cups. Nevertheless, we can expect a closely-fought affair in the 2021 renewal of the competition.



There will be a full house in attendance at Whistling Straits for the 2021 Ryder Cup and the home crowd will certainly be the loudest given the Covid19 travelling restrictions imposed on European fans. As far as the players are concerned, they are younger than ever before but certainly no less stacked. The American contingent include eight players from the top-ten in the world rankings with Europe possessing just one in the form of Jon Rahm (world no 1).

This, to be fair, is hardly anything new although while the Americans can generally be relied upon to bring with them the better players, they rarely leave with the coveted gold trophy.

The last Ryder Cup took place three years ago in France and the American contingent was well loaded with the twelve-man squad containing nine major champions, however this mattered little as they got smoked, again.

The Americans hold a 26-14-2 advantage which stretches back to the start of the competition in 1927, this in reality matters little given that Continental Europeans didn’t enter until 1979. Since then the Americans are 11-8-1 and have lost nine of the last twelve.

Europe will be eager to extend their dominance in this, the 43rd Ryder Cup, delayed twelve months due to the Covid19 pandemic. Whistling Straits will host three days of relentless matches and once again, the Europeans will be relishing their billing as underdogs.

Europe tend to play with something of a chip on their shoulders and this only goes to serve them well in this competition. Indeed the Americans should win – on paper – but they generally fail to deliver. Their only victory in the past ten years was at Hazeltine in 2016 and that was against a European contingent which contained no less than six rookies.