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We at are fully committed to ensuring that all our users gamble responsibly at all times and only bet within their means.

Indeed, it is vital that you remain fully in control of your gambling in order to keep it fun, therefore we have provided you with tips and advice on how to gamble responsibly. Should you be concerned about your own gambling habits or indeed those of friends or family, don’t hesitate to take professional advice immediately.


Responsible Gambling Advice from


Only gamble what you can afford to lose 

You must only gamble money that you have otherwise set aside for recreational activities such as social drinking, cinema, entertainment etc. You must NEVER use money that has been earmarked for those important items such as mortgages, rent, food and other fixed bills that must be met.


Never chase losses

If you lose, you must never try and get that money back by betting larger amounts and going over your set limit. This in itself can lead to much bigger losses and you could conceivably find yourself in a serious situation.


Set your money limits in advance

It is hugely important that you set yourself a strict limit on how much you are prepared to lose before you bet. It is all good and well if you win – just enjoy your winnings – however if you lose up to your limit, you MUST call it a day and walk away.


Set yourself a time limit in advance

Gambling can become addictive and before you know it, you can find yourself spending longer and longer indulging in the activity. As such it is important that you set yourself a strict time limit before you start playing and quit once you reach that limit.


Take some breaks

Gambling is supposed to be fun, however if you stop enjoying it, then it is time to take a break. That’s not to say that you can’t return to it at some point but be prepared to walk away whenever the fun stops.


Gamble for fun

All gambling operators have geared their business up as a way of making money, therefore you should think of the activity much like any other, for example going to the cinema or heading out with friends. This is NOT a way to make money, it should only be used as a leisure activity.


Don’t gamble whilst under the influence of drugs or drink

Drugs and drink can adversely affect decision making and as such it is vital that you avoid gambling if who are under the influence of either. DON NOT mix gambling with alcohol or drugs.


Don’t gamble if depressed or angry

If you aren’t in a good state of mind, then it is likely that you will make bad decisions and as such you shouldn’t gamble in this situation.


Don’t put gambling before your loved ones

Seeing your friends and family should be far more important than gambling.


Don’t be afraid to seek help

Seeking help isn’t a sign of weakness, it is simply a way of turning a situation around with the help of others. Should you find yourself breaking any of the rules listed above, then you must get some advice. You can find advice on the help available by scrolling down this page.


Signs that gambling could be a problem


If you believe that either yourself or a friend could be experiencing problems with gambling, you must seek help. Some of the tell-tale signs to look out for include:


  • Thinking about gambling most of the time
  • Trying to chase losses by gambling to get back money lost earlier
  • Spending more on gambling than you can afford to lose
  • Spending a lot of time on gambling
  • Losing interest in other activities that you once enjoyed
  • Gambling all of your money away
  • Increasing your stakes in order to create the same excitement
  • Borrowing money from friends, family or lenders
  • Stealing money or items in order to gamble
  • Becoming depressed or withdrawn


Responsible Gambling from your bookmaker


All online bookmakers have a duty of care to their customers and this includes responsible gambling. You can take advantage of the tools available from the bookmakers in order to stay fully in control and thus ensure responsible gambling. These include:


  • Set a deposit limit, ie cap the amount that you can deposit in a certain timescale
  • Set up a reality check alert that informs you of how long you have been gambling
  • Set up a cool off period. Many bookmakers can offer this facility which allows you to block access to the website for a determined length of time
  • You can keep an eye on all of your betting transactions with a particular bookmaker by checking your account history
  • You can request that a bookmaker blocks you from their website for a predetermined length of time, say six months or even a year


Click below for advice and help


BeGambleAware – get all the key information needed in order to recognise any problems with gambling and find the help and support should you require it


Gamcare – a registered charity who provide those seeking help with confidential telephone support as well as counselling

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