Jeremy Corbyn 9/2 favourite to be next UK Prime Minister

The next UK General Election will almost certainly take place in 2022 and the bookies believe that Jeremy Corbyn will be the next Prime Minister

There can be little denying that the Brexit debacle has been hugely damaging for both the Conservative party and Prime Minister Theresa May, however the majority of opinion polls had the Tories marginally ahead of Labour as we went into the festive break. That said, the government’s lead is an extremely slender one with ‘YouGov’ putting them just a single point in the lead and the bookmakers are starting to believe that Labour could make a return to power in May 2022.

BetVictor Bookmakers go Evens on both the Conservatives and Labour to win most seats at the next General Election while the same firm goes 9/2 that Jeremy Corbyn becomes the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Theresa May has made it clear that she won’t be leading the Tories into the next election and as such Boris Johnson is being seen as Corbyn’s main threat in this regard at odds of 5/1.


Will this man be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? The bookies are starting to think so!


Although there has been much turbulence in British politics of late, change has been minimal in voting intention since the last general election although Labour did enjoy a small lead for much of 2017 and for brief periods the following year. The political situation may have been disorganised chaos but voting intentions appear to have been pretty steady and this is somewhat remarkable given the state of the government right now. Perhaps it’s more an indication of the state of the opposition and in particular their leader that Labour don’t enjoy substantial opinion-poll lead given that the Tories are very much in disarray thanks to Brexit in-fighting. Nevertheless much can change in politics in a very short period of time and with the next general election likely to be over three years away, the chances are that both main parties might well have new men (or women) at the helm.


Boris Johnston is 5/1 second-favourite to be next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom



Next Prime Minister of the UK – BetVictor Odds


9/2  –  Jeremy Corbyn

5/1  –  Boris Johnson

6/1  –  Sajid Javid

6/1  –  Dominic Raab

8/1  –  Michael Gove

9/1  –  Jeremy Hunt

10/1 –  David Livington

14/1 –  Jacob Rees-Mogg

14/1 –  David Davis