2019 General Election Latest: Tories shorten to as low as 1/33

The odds on the Labour Party winning most seats the 2019 general election continue to fluctuate wildly with some bookmakers going 6/1

Update: 12.11.19

The odds on the Conservative Party winning most seats at next month’s general election continue to tumble following the announcement from the Brexit Party that they won’t be fielding candidates in the 317 seats which were won by the Tories at the last election in 2017. This has resulted in the bookies slashing the odds on Boris Johnson’s party and while the betting market has since settled down, some firms still go as low as 1/33 that the Conservatives will come out on top in the battle for seats.

Indeed the odds on there being a Tory majority have also been slashed from Evens to 4/7, thus implying a 63.3% chance of the Conservatives holding onto power with a majority. As such ‘No Overall Majority’ has drifted to 6/4 with a Labour majority now way out at 25/1.

Clearly this is all great news for Boris Johnson as he seeks to get a larger majority in order to help push through his Brexit agreement, however this impromptu alliance might not help the cause with regard to battling for new partnerships. Pacts are also forming on the other side of the Brexit divide and this leave v remain theme will certainly be key to the results of next month’s general election.


Next General Election Over Majority – Ladbrokes Odds


4/7  –  Conservative

6/4  –  No Overall majority

25/1 –  Labour

200/1 – Liberal Democrat

1000/1 – Green Party





Update: 11.11.19

The odds on the Conservative Party winning most seats at the next general election have shortened even further to as low as 1/14 following an announcement by several former Labour MPs that voters should vote Tory. Indeed while many ‘traditional’ Labour voters have no issue with their local candidates, the real issue appears to lie with Jeremy Corbyn. Indeed it isn’t only constituents which are concerned about what it would mean for the country were Corbyn to become PM, many left-wing sections of the media also urging voters to turn their backs on the Labour leader with some calling Corbyn an “extremist” and others claiming that he is “completely unfit” to be Prime Minister.

Indeed the general consensus is that, were the Labour Party to completely rip-up the form book and somehow manage to win an overall majority next month, then Corbyn’s grip on power wouldn’t be enough to keep him in No.10 very long. That certainly isn’t the situation that Labour want to find themselves in and voters won’t want to be responsible for such an occurrence.

Not only that, but while the Conservative Party certainly have plenty of issues of their own to contend with, Boris Johnson is increasingly being seen as a PM who might actually deliver Brexit and he appears to be moving in the right direction in this regard, even if there a few mistakes being made along the way.


2019 General Election Most Seats – William Hill Odds


1/12 –  Conservative

7/1  –  Labour

20/1 –  Liberal Democrats

33/1 –  Brexit Party

250/1 – Green Party






The Labour Party have seen their odds fluctuate in recent weeks with regard to winning most seats in the 2019 general election, following leader Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign launch. Labour were around 7/1 to win more seats than any other political party prior to him backing an early election, however these odds shortened considerably with some firms going 9/2. Indeed some firms now go as low as 4/1 that Labour pip the Conservatives and win most seats.

Nevertheless this is way behind the Tory Party with most bookmakers going huge odds-on at 1/6, thus implying an 85.7% chance that Boris Johnson remains at No.10 Downing Street.

The Liberal Democrats have been drifting in recent weeks although William Hill Bookmakers go as low as 20/1 that Jo Swinson’s party surprise everyone (including themselves) by pipping the two main political parties.

The Brexit Party were once as low as 8/1 to win the most seats, however they are being abandoned by punters with the money being aimed towards them dwindling and they as such they are way out at 33/1, some firms even going as much as 66/1.

As far as the next Prime Minister after Boris Johnson is concerned, Jeremy Corbyn leads the way at odds of 2/1 with Jo Swinson following on at 14/1 and Nigel Farage at 16/1.

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2019 General Election Most Seats – William Hill Odds


1/6  –  Conservative

4/1  –  Labour

20/1 –  Liberal Democrats

33/1 –  Brexit Party

250/1 –  Green Party


Next Prime Minister After Boris Johnson


2/1  –  Jeremy Corbyn

14/1 –  Jo Swinson

16/1 –  Keir Starmer

16/1 –  Nigel Farage

25/1 –  Ken Clarke

25/1 –  Michael Gove