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Finding which Betting Exchange is best for you can be a daunting task, however help is at hand in the form of exciting new website

Betting Exchanges are proving increasingly popular amongst UK punters and the demand is being catered for by an ever-increasing and sometimes bewildering array of operators, some of which will be familiar to punters and some which won’t.

Betting Exchanges give the punter far more freedom than the traditional bookmaker in that they give an option for customers to bet against each other, either in the role of a bookie (laying selections) or as a punter (backing selections).

Choosing a Betting Exchange which best caters to your needs can be a pretty daunting task, however help is at hand in the form of exciting new website which gives you the lowdown on all the best Betting Exchanges, what sort of deals they offer and the commissions they charge.

If you’re new to the world of exchanges, explains how they work in a simple and easy to understand manner. You will be presented with a full list of the leading exchanges with full details of their welcome offers and why you should join them (and sometimes why you shouldn’t). has a useful Blog section where you will be presented with all the latest offers which are on offer from time to time.

The team at Angle Marketing have launched after identifying that a large proportion of betting customers enjoy using an online betting exchange for their punting needs.

Customers often hold accounts with the likes of betfair, Matchbook or Smarkets in order to land themselves a bigger price than they might find with a fixed-odds operator. The bookies often go short on the favourites when it comes to a football match or horse race, although betting exchanges are person to person so you often just need one person to match your bet.

You effectively have two choices if you are looking to place a bet on a betting exchange. You can either take the available odds and place a bet which will be “matched”. That is the same as having a bet confirmed by an online bookmaker and you will get returns in accordance with whether your bet wins or not.

Alternatively, you can request bigger odds or a larger stake than is currently available. You might want to bet on Manchester United to beat Arsenal although there is only a best price 2.30 for a stake of £10. You then have the option to request odds of 2.40 for a stake of £50 and you might find someone who will lay the bet.

Similarly, there is the option to trade for a profit using a betting exchange. For example, you might have a bet on Manchester United to win a football match at 3.00 and they could score an early goal. That might mean their win price goes to 1.70 and you can then trade out for a profit so you win whether or not Manchester United end up winning the game. aims to educate and inform readers about the various betting exchanges available although you can have as many accounts as you like when it comes to these websites.



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