Bookies go odds-on that Theresa May doesn’t see out 2019

The likelihood of Theresa May being Prime Minister beyond 2019 is looking pretty slim according to the bookmakers

The Brexit saga shows little sign of abating anytime soon and Prime Minister Theresa May is starting to show the signs of strain following her unsuccessful attempts to get her deals through parliament. Indeed as things stand it is starting to look as though the United Kingdom will leave the EU without a deal in place and should that prove to be the case, then the likelihood is that Theresa May would step down as Prime Minister.

The bookmakers certainly feel that she won’t last until the end of 2019 with some bookies going as low as 1/4 that a new Prime Minister is installed at 10 Downing Street before the close of the year. Paddy Power Bookmakers go 2/1 that she leaves her post in April 2019 while the same firm go 9/4 that she departs before the end of this month. It is a 4/1 shot that she goes in May 2019 while 6/1 says she stays put until 2020 or later.

Whatever happens, May is certainly in for a testing time as she attempts to steer the UK through the muddy waters of Brexit. It’s unclear as to what is going to happen in the coming weeks but one thing’s for sure, it’s going to be a bumpy ride for our under-fire Prime Minister.


Theresa May Exit Dates – Paddy Power Bookmakers


2/1 –  April 2019

9/4 –  March 2019

4/1 –  May 2019

6/1 –  2020 or later

11/1 – June 2019

16/1 – July 2019

35/1 – August 2019

35/1 – September 2019

35/1 – October 2019

55/1 – November 2019

55/1 – December 2019