Bookies go odds-on that Brexit will go ahead before end of 2019

All the leading bookmakers remain confident that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union before the end of the year

The nation remains unconvinced that the UK will actually leave the European Union on or before the agreed deadline date of 31st October 2019, however all the leading bookmakers are very much of the opinion that Brexit will happen before the end of the year with all firms going odds-on that this proves to be the case.

Betfred go 4/7 that the UK leaves the EU before the end of December 2019 while the same firm goes 6/1 that the exit date is between January and June 2020 and 4/1 that the UK leaves in 2022 or later.

The evidence suggests that there won’t be a second referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the European Union with Betfred going 1/33 that there won’t be a second vote and 12/1 that there will be. 4/7 says that the UK will leave the EU with a deal in place while it is a 5/4 shot that there won’t be any withdrawal agreement in place.


Brexit Specials – Betfred Odds


4/7  –  UK to leave EU before December 31st 2019

4/1  –  UK to leave EU in 2022 or later

6/1  –  UK to leave EU between 1st January and 30th June 2020

1/33 –  No second referendum on EU membership

12/1 –  Yes to a second referendum on EU membership

4/7  –  UK exit from EU with deal in place

5/4  –  UK exit from EU with No deal in place