Bookies believe there is an 87.72% chance of a 2019 general Election

All the leading bookmakers firmly believe that the next general election will take place before the end of the year

The UK’s leading bookmakers have all slashed the odds on there being a General Election before the end of 2019 with some firms even going as short as 1/7 that the country goes to the polls before December 31st, thus implying an 87.72% perceived chance that Boris Johnson will call an election within the next four months. The punters clearly believe that this will be the case with money pouring in on such an eventuality and while most bookies were going 1/3 on this market just a few days ago, most firms are now going 1/7 that the Tories, Labour and the other political parties will be doing battle before the year draws to a close.

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The next most likely year for the next general election to be called is 2020 at odds of 5/1 with William Hill Bookmakers while 2022 or later comes in next at 33/1.

In terms of which political party is likely to win most seats after a general election, the Tories are huge favourites at odds of 2/5 with main rivals Labour way out at 13/5 and the Lib Debs 14/1. One of the big movers has been the Brexit Party who are as low as 16/1 to win most seats in the next general election.


Year of next General Election – William Hill Odds


1/7  –  2019

5/1  –  2020

33/1 –  2022 or later

50/1 –  2021